To share experiences and provide the highest quality engineering consultation and testing services, Canadian Geo UAE is associated with strategic partners from Canada.


ParklandGEO is an association of independently owned and operated engineering consulting firms that was initially established in Red Deer, Alberta in May 2000. The ParklandGEO Consulting Group have a presence in six centers in Alberta including Grand Prairie, Edmonton/Sherwood Park, Red Deer, Airdrie/Calgary, Peace River and Fort McMurray which provide a range of services in the following fields:

Geotechnical engineering, Advanced Construction QA/QC, including POA and Pile Load Testing, Soils and aggregate testing, Materials engineering, materials testing and construction monitoring, Environmental site assessments and consulting, Environmental remediation and project management, Soil and groundwater remediation.

ParklandGEO International

ParklandGEO International is our primary project partner and associates from Canada.  We are associated in business agreement to carry out the high end quality projects of geotechnical & environmental engineering in the regions of UAE and the Middle East area.  ParklandGEO is a multi-disciplinary team of over 60 geotechnical, geophysics experts, environmental and materials engineers, scientists and technologists. They are always available to participate and join our UAE projects as required to meet the needs of our clients.

Parklandgeo is an engineering consulting firm that was established in Red Deer, Alberta in May 2000. The ParklandGEO Consulting Group have a presence in five centers in Alberta including Grand Prairie, Edmonton/Sherwood Park, Red Deer, Airdrie and Peace River as well as Vancouver, BC. 

In January of 2012 Parklandgeo International become a local register company in UAE as specialized consulting firm in the field of foundations and soil mechanics engineering consultancy.

To improve the quality and the technical experience of our local staff, Canadian Geo is also contracted with technical educational institutions in Canada to provide ongoing in-house training, workshops and mentoring, and encourages participation in conferences, seminars and specialty courses.


Southern Gulf Surveys

Southern Gulf Surveys is our marine surveys project partner a survey company based in Abu Dhabi the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Since their formation in November 2005 they have completed over 120 contracts, providing services to some of the best known contracting & consulting companies in the Middle East.

They are our partners with their expertise in Shallow Water Hydrographic Surveying, Topographic Surveying and Oceanographic Data Collection. They also conduct Geophysical Surveys and Marine Environmental Monitoring.

They have a small fleet of shallow water vessels and a pool of survey equipment & qualified personnel.

Parkland Geo Alberta Canada partner with Canadian Geo Parkland

southern gulf surveys is our new topographic survey partner