Our special studies and structural strengthening department is staffed with a strong technical team from Canada and consists of individuals with unique and shared strength and expertise in the fields of highways, structural and concrete repair. We also utilize state of the art equipment for destructive and non-destructive testing.

Canadian Geo conducts Geotechnical Engineering Services for residential and commercial properties as well as industrial facilities.  Our experts have been called on to investigate, report, and provide expert testimony on thousands of geotechnical/structural investigations for a wide variety of claims.

structural engineering assessment   Construction worker using a poker vibrator in order to compact fresh concrete pour on steel rebar.   concrete-repair


Our experts determine the cause and, where appropriate, recommend remedial steps to correct those problems. Ground and foundation investigation and other related sections, these include Surveys, appraisals, structural investigation and reports, Subsidence investigation, Dangerous and unsafe structure investigation, remedial design and control, Temporary Works Design.

The scope of services of the special studies and structural strengthen department include:

  • Evaluation of condition and damage of existing structures.
  • Design of rehabilitation, maintenance and repair of structures.
  • Instrumentation and monitoring of structures.
  • Non-destructive testing of reinforced concrete structures.
  • Evaluation of fire-damaged structures and design of repair.
  • Consultation for special problems in construction projects.

Our Geotechnical & Structural Assessment Engineering Services in Canada are limited to Drilling, Coring & Sampling