With active cooperation between our specialists, we integrate our services enabling you to realise cost savings throughout your project. We work closely with other stakeholders to ensure that the project lifecycle is a positive experience for every party involved.

Our marine surveying department is headed by professional and highly qualified survey engineers and surveyors. Most of the staff engineers of this department have worked as consultant for the government before joining Canadian Geo. With complete in-house facilities and state of the art equipment and specialized software, this department is becoming one of the leaders in the field of land and marine surveying in the region.

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We aim for excellence and continually seek to improve our service; we do this through innovation, by integrating new technological advances and challenging processes and ideas. With dedicated specialists and ongoing research programmes, we manage challenging projects and provide expert advice.

The scope of services offered by the Land & Marine Surveying includes:

  • Topographic survey.
  • Ground Run Topographic Surveys
  • Aerial Topographic Surveys (Control)
  • Utility Location Surveys
  • Geodetic Surveys
  • Global Positioning Surveys (GPS)
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Corridor alignments (horizontal & vertical) and profiles.
  • Setting out survey.
  • Digital terrain modeling.
  • Establishment of control stations and bench marks.
  • Precise and differential leveling.
  • Maps digitizing and conversion of raster to vector.
  • Land Title Surveys
  • As-built Surveys
  • Encroachment Surveys
  • Subdivision Plats
  • Highway Construction
  • Bridge Construction
  • Utility Construction- Water, Sanitary Sewer, and Storm
  • Residential  & Commercial Construction-Light Commercial and Industrial
  • Multi-Story Construction Building Layout
  • Quantity Survey