Since 2009, Canadian Geo Parkland carried out onshore invesitigation in the regoin of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Northern Emirates with different variety of project scope.

Canadian Geo Parkland provided geotechnical design and analysis to support private villas, office buildings, and other developments throughout the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  As our engineers contributed a great deal to the UAE’s construction boom; and since the company’s inception in 2009 we have drilled more than ten thousand meters in Abu Dahbi, Al-Ain, Western region and North Eastern region of the UAE.  Our projects included drilling wells, bore holes, test pits, and slug tests. Projects also included analyzing geological conditions to evaluate the nature and extent of these recommendations for Surface and Subsurface Conditions, Materials Physical & Mechanical Properties, Ground Water & Cavities, Materials Chemical Properties, Sulphate Content, Chloride Content, pH Values, and  Concrete for foundation.

UAE Onshore Geotechnical Projects Gallery