Canadian Geo at UAE is headed by professional qualified personnel. Over 15 professional engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists, Geo-scientists & civil engineering technicians are presently employed as resident staff at our UAE office.

Professional Capability

Our high level of the professional supporting staff from Canada includes a multi-disciplinary team of geotechnical, geophysics experts, environmental & material engineers. They are always available on-call basis to participate and join our UAE projects depend on the size and expertise required for each project. We always work to create an environment for growth and opportunity; we have successfully attracted and trained great people, who are the cornerstone of our success.

Developed in conjunction with our staff, our values represent who we are, the way we work and who we want to be. Our great team is a combination of:

Great people: We strive to foster an environment where our capable, skilled and committed staff can achieve their full potential.

Self-confidence: We take responsibility for our actions and focus on solutions not problems. We clarify performance requirements, encourage regular and constructive feedback and recognize and build on our strengths.

Safety: We take individual and company-wide responsibility for safety in our daily activities.

Passion: We have the passion, courage and commitment to make a positive difference.

Innovation: We take the time to be innovative, to think and create valued outcomes for our clients which support our vision for the future. We encourage our people to be creative, entrepreneurial and to share their knowledge and expertise with their colleagues.

Integrity: We do what we say we will do and act in accordance with our legal, social, environmental and shareholder responsibilities.

Sustainability: We actively incorporate principles of sustainability when designing solutions to economic, social, environmental and cultural issues in our projects.

Goetechnical and Geophysical engineering professionals

topographic survey professionals in Ras Al Khaimah