Canadian Geo water resources group offers unique geoscience consulting services to our clients. The Water Resources team consists of Hydrogeologists and Environmental Geoscientists and focuses on sustainable solutions for our clients needs.

The need for clean water, flood control, and healthy aquatic environments places increasing demands on the world’s water systems. Fugro offers a comprehensive approach to water resources management with a professional team that includes hydro-geologists, soil scientists and geophysicists, as well as water quality and regulatory specialists.

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Hydrogeological Studies are an integral part of land and site development applications and are an important step in determining development and construction alternatives. As such, we truly offer our clients "More Than Engineering" solutions.
Services offered by Canadian Geo in this field include:

Ground Water Resources

  • Studies for land development, water balance/budgets,
  • Groundwater/surface water interactions
  • Evaluation for domestic and municipal supply wells
  • Pumping tests and aquifer performance testing
  • Source Water Protection and delineation of wellhead protection areas and GUDI studies
  • Drinking water quality assessment
  • Monitoring of rural water supplies, door-to-door surveys, well impact assessments
Sewage Systems

  • Septic and sewage disposal system design
  • Monitoring and Reasonable Use assessment for landfills, sewage
  • lagoons and other waste water systems
Contaminant Hydrogeology

  • Analysis of ground water contaminant flow and attenuation
  • Ground water remedial action plans
  • Monitoring programs and compliance reports